library library explores publication as a graphic design practice. Each issue orbits around a literary text and experiments with form and materiality through formats that challenge the dominant models of commercial graphic design and mainstream publishing. This project aims to build a community through collaborative making, and to connect with a small yet engaged public through various forms of dissemination both analog and digital. library library considers the performative potential of publication, and asks questions about public institutions and shared spaces, libraries and archives, process, and design authorship. Follow on Instagram or Call +1 514.993.3716 or email

Issue No. 4 — The Art & Manner...

Issue No. 3 — Fictions

Issue No. 2 — Books I Haven’t Read Yet

Issue No. 1 — The Library of Babel

Interview ❧ Paul Soulellis

Interview ❧ Danielle Aubert

Interview ❧ Partner & Partners

Coming Soon ❧ Marc Kandalaft